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A Creative Life is full of exploration, experimentation, new experiences,

self-discovery, expression and invention. It is a way of being, a way of loving, a way of embracing all living things that share our world. It is the way you feel, a style of existing; of living life in a full and deeply satisfying way.

"Before a child speaks, it sings.

Before they write, they paint.

As soon as they stand, they dance.

Art is the basis of human expression."

Plylicia Rashad

"Jan Jewell sees complex subject matter and races toward it, naturally

disentangling the world around her. She simplifies and imagines with willful curiosity, and seizes every challenge with the soul of an artist."

Patrick McGuire, Managing Director, Matter Inc. Former President, Western Region,

Edelman Worldwide PR. 


Photo Credit: Mike Hopcroft

Video Credit: Fatih, Photographer for Dolmabahçe Palace

jan albach jewell

jan albach jewell

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